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cut my gas use in half
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Some questions:
Please tell us your age.
50, 51 soon...
1. What type of bikes do 50+ folks ride?
piece a **** mtn bike from walmart plus fenders, rack and computer.... but it gets me there!!!
2. Do you take any special supplements/vitamins/minerals as you have grown older?
not about getting older, take multi vit and calcium/magnesium/zinc since i don't drink milk or eat much meat.
3. How much do you feel you have "slowed down" if any?
Nope, sped up since i returned to my natural form of transportation, the BIKE
4. How long have you been biking? New, around a while, biked all your life?
I have used a bike for transportation several 5 year periods in my life, college, young parent, back to college, short commutes, this time I won't quit again!!
5. What type of biking do you do? Long rides, touring, short rec rides, commute, tour, race?
Commute. And chores. I am thinking about trying to get up for a century.... club rides don't do anything for me... I can't keep up and have fun, too...
6. How often do you bike? Your approximate annual mileage?
Currently about 5-6 days a week, about 2000 miles per year...
7. Do you do any other type of physical activities - weight lifting, skiing, running, etc.?
YOGA!! but I only do this and biking because it is fun!! I guess i do have to admit I enjoy the fact that the combination has allowed me to lose 70 lbs.
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