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Originally Posted by TakingMyTime View Post
First, off the bat... I cannot stand them. If given the choice of standing in line behind 4 people or using the self checkout, I will opt for the cashier's line. I would say that at least 6 out of the 10 times I use them I end up requiring some sort of assistance. Usually if there is an attendant I will just go over to their register and ask them if they would please check me out. I've never had one of them refuse.

I enjoy my trips to the market. I enjoy seeing the same faces and building relationships with them. They might not be the deepest of relationships but I enjoy being cordial and friendly when I'm out in public.
I prefer the self checkout for Walmart shopping. I get out much faster. No more waiting for the cashier to finish friendly conversation with customers about the weather, or her grandchildren or gosh knows what; or having to wait behind customers who take what seems forever to write a check (what ARE these people writing that takes so long?); or worse yet, the women who wait for everything to be rung up and then decide to fish through their handbag for wallet, checkbook and coupons.

I am not there to socialize with the cashiers. I wonder if any cordial and friendly types bring treats and/or beer to the supermarket to tip the cashiers to show appreciation for their service.
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