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Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
Back at the gym yesterday for general strength training. I am finding that 3 to 4 sets but with lower reps, increasing weight per set and less reps with each set seems to feel pretty good. My last set is just two reps. This is in contrast to 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps at lower weight with less rest between sets and between exercises. I am also taking more rest between sets. The goal is to get closer to my max one rep lift on the last set.

My goal is more strength with less mass and less fatigue due to gym work.
A solid gym workout usually kills 2-3 days of good riding for me, so I'd like to find a middle ground. Everything I've researched say 3 to 4 sets for 3 just may be that. Low reps don't cause hypertrophy, so less mass but what you do have is stronger. What you're posting confirms that. The problem comes handling those reps, because they're going to end up at some point being big numbers and its easy to get hurt if you're not careful.

Being a strong rider will never be a strength, but I'd like to optimize what little anaerobic power I have in tank. At my short height its glaringly obvious I don't have the natural leg strength of others. I'm just not sure when I'll start up. Part of me says now, but in the past weight lifting has been disrupting to training so the winter is a safer bet.
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