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Originally Posted by iconicflux View Post
I have the same Amzer mount and use it all the time with my Droid 2; HOWEVER, people here need to know something important about this mount. The mount is in two pieces and one slides into the other and is supposed to lock. Under hard use, the mount can separate and your phone will go flying.

I had it happen to my phone going over some railroad tracks at 25mph. The phone FLEW down the road and fortunately chipped up small portions of the bevel but didn't scratch the face.

To fix it and ensure it doesn't happen again, I got some polystyrene glue to weld the plastic pieces together. Now it seems completely stable.
I have never had my phone come off this mount because of road conditions, the mount snaps into the base very securely. I did have my phone get ripped off the mount once when i first owned it when i pulled my head back quickly out of range, causing my headphone wire to rip it out of the mount. (the droid 1 earphone jack is very tight, but this is a good thing) But as i mentioned in my previous post that is why i now wrap my headphones around the mount base twice, then in a worst case scenario my earbuds come out but my phone stays securely on the mount. I have actually gone thru a few pairs of earbuds due to this because the wires got caught in my wheel after they were pulled out of my ears, but id rather replace a 30$ pair of earbuds than my phone.
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