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Originally Posted by PedalingWalrus View Post
excellent. Do You have photos of this ? I would love to see it.
The others that have posted, I am not sure which one posted something you want a photo of.

If your question is the S&S case that can be folded, I use the S&S backpack case. I added corroplast stiffeners to it, those can't be folded but the case by itself can be broken down to a much smaller size. The four side pieces are attached to each other by velcro, can be separated from each other. I probably could fold my corroplast stiffeners that I put in the top and bottom, but choose not to. When the four side panels (and in my case the corroplast) are removed, the remaining case is just a floppy fabric bag that can easily be folded.

In the above photo, you can see white in between the spokes in the case, the white is one of the sheets of corroplast in the bottom, the other sheet of corroplast was removed when I openned the case up, a bit of the corroplast can be seen in the upper left corner, it is the white thing in the corner.

In the photo below, S&S Backpack case is on the far right on the cart. It is 26X26X10 inches that is the max that meets most USA airlines for size at 62 inches.

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