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Originally Posted by tommymc View Post
Hi, I have a lightly used SRF5 that shifts and feels good. Wondering if anyone has long-term use of one of these? I'm planning to set one up for moderate touring, possibly with a half step double crank and Alfine tensioner. The current RX 5 speed hubs are billed as good for heavy duty. Are the last generation hubs build as well? Thanks.
Is there a (w) after the model number? If not, you have a hub that is two generations old.That model used a ball locking mechanism to select between the sun gears whereas the wide range model which came after used a sliding key. I have had much better luck with the ball lock type. The wide range model was problematic in my experience.
I have a current RX model in use now, and it did have engagement problems, but converting it to ATF lube has solved the issues.
This video highlights the engagement issues I experienced, and how I resolved it.

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