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Originally Posted by Digger Goreman View Post
One day I fully intend touring on my '95 Trek 800 Sport. Within reasonable sanity, what weight will the rims handle without busting spokes?

(to the best of my search fu)
Pilot/Driver (me) 180 lbs
Bike 32 lbs
Rims Sun Rhyno Lite
Front hub Shimano HB RM-40
Rear Hub Shimano Nexave
Spoke brand (no idea)
Front rack Generic <=20lbs capacity
​​​​​​Low Riders (generic w/single bottom bidon attach + significant U-clamp support to upper fork)
Rear rack Topeak Explorer

I intend to go as light as possible, but when should the warning bells sound?

Thanks for insights, fore-sights and opinions!
I have a Miyata 1000 on which I put 32h hubs with Rhyno Lite rims -- wheels that I built. I've weighed from 220 to 240 while riding the bike a couple thousand miles so far and I discern no spoke loosening or rim deviation from true. Building the wheels: these rims were not as flat and round as other rims I have built wheels out of, but typical, I suppose of Sun rims like CR18 and M13II. They obviously can be made round and true, but it takes more fiddling than Open Pro, in my limited experience.

So, the answer is that with 32 or 36 spokes (I don't know what you have), you are in no danger at all of hurting these rims, which are pretty darn stout. Sssuming reasonable care with curbs etc. Also assuming that you have reasonably high and uniform spoke tensions.
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