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Originally Posted by BadGrandma View Post
Around 12 years ago, I raced on the Mid Ohio Race Track. It has a boatload of room for cornering without becoming boring. After all this time I want to try it again with the goal of not being lapped for as long as possible. I plan to ride behind a bunch of butts until I loose them. My category would be Men's 5 (yeah, sketchy) mixed with Women's 4. So far the only competitors are a bunch of guys who have been on the course before. My training is nada, which is fine with me. I know the posters whose primary goal is to win will scoff at this idea. I don't care about them. What about everyone else's ideas?

Bad form to show up with a chip and assume what people think. In my long history of racing the nicest folks have usually been the fastest. They generally get no one is getting anywhere in this sport. Not a lot of people show up an excel on day 1. The learning curve typically starts with handling and positioning. So if you ride behind the butts, the problem might not be losing the one in front of you but the one in front of you losing the one in front of them. That might be where you end up based on how things are, but if you find you can position better go for it. If not look for the things you can do to get in a better position.
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