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Smart Trainer - Accuracy and Calibration

Hi All,

Looking to get peoples experience on how accurate their smart trainers are for power?

My experience, which is in progress, is that I calibrated my Elite Direto recently (owned for ~2yrs and used a lot) and it was 8pts off. So I tightened the band per instructions (having taken it apart and sent pictures of it to Elite in Italy). When calibrated using the Elite App, it is nearly impossible to ride on Zwift. This seems to be a 'known' issue if you read the Elite forums. I have a second hand set of P1 Powertap pedals arriving this week so I can do an 'external calibration' and I will post an update later. I tried to undo my change to get it back to how it was originally, but that hasn't been fully possible though it is largely ride'able again.
I am left in the situation of not knowing what my actual power, therefore performance is, on Zwift for example. Comparing to the days I had a road power meter, my Zwift results seem a little higher pre-calibration but lower now that I have tried to revert.

This has me wondering about the performance accuracy of all these people on Zwift on smart-trainers (and other platforms, RGT, Rouvy, BeKool etc). Hence my question - have other smart-trainer users experienced that they are inaccurate if not calibrated or potentially even when calibrated - Wahoo, Tacx, Elite etc..?

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