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Originally Posted by Metieval View Post
Let me know when I can buy something better than a Detroit made bicycle frame that's made in the USA.

In the meantime there is a MULTITUDE of USA made (non bicycle) products that are far better than Imported goods. Which if brought up would get reported as offtopic.

Bicycles are only a very small percentage of the entire picture. To Use the Bicycle market as an argument to cover the entire Topic is insanity. Thus the topic can't truly be discussed and remain in a bicycle forum.
Well, you haven't really addressed the point I was making: you seem to support the tariffs, and claim to care about creating jobs in the USA, but you repeatedly acknowledge that the tariffs are not changing your practices (nor other people's practices) of buying foreign-made bikes. (And at least you're consistent: in post #9 you mention some bikes you own, or are considering, and they are all foreign-made.) So, what is the point of the tariffs, other than to tax US consumers?

By the way, my last bike purchase was of a custom built frame from Wisconsin which was made of steel from an Ohio mill...And it was built with a Zipp cockpit from Indiana and some other MUSA parts. Some of us are actually willing to stand behind our convictions.

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