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Originally Posted by globecanvas View Post
I read the whole thread while trying to figure out it I was supposed to not shower for the however many days I am supposed to leave the tegaderm on. Regardless of the right answer I'm going to take a shower even if it costs me $20 in new dressings every time.

Regarding road rash guard though ( @waterrockets, @carpediemracing, @shovelhd discussion a few pages back ) -- I've noticed these things on a particular racer's kit, and wondered what they heck they were. Ironically it's the same guy who crashed in front of me in yesterday's race which led directly to to me reading this thread. So maybe the moral is, if you see somebody with road rash guards on their kit, get in front of them.
Leave on until the stuff underneath needs to get cleaned, then replace.

First set doesn't last long, third set pretty long (days?), 4th or 5th set should be last for most road rash.

I put stuff on top of the Tegaderm so my clothes don't pull at the Tegaderm corners.

Buy a pack from Amazon. $30 for 50 sheets or something like that. This is what I got according to Amazon:

Do next day and you still beat the price of a dozen sheets from a pharmacy or whatever. Heck, I have Prime, I'll ship to you if you're not on Prime.
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