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Looks like she got spoked and it happened so fast she didn't notice or remember what happened.

Go back to the scene of the crash. You might find whatever got caught in the wheel and jammed it.

Debris is easy to overlook. As alert as I try to be, occasionally I have to take my eye off the road ahead to check approaching or overtaking cars, etc. A couple of days ago as I was rounding a turn I glanced around to check a couple of cars that appeared to be intent on blowing a 4-way stop sign intersection. I took a tighter line than I'd planned on and missed a metal wire sign stake, sans sign, by a few inches. That thing could easily have flipped into the spokes and tossed me overboard.

Very common problem around here in springtime when homeowners are running nearly continuous garage sales. Even with local ordinances for sign removal, some folks just tear off the posterboard or gatorboard signs and leave the buggered up metal wire stakes behind. They only remove the sign boards that identify the owners, but leave the other garbage behind.

Worse are the local athletic events sponsored by various charities and businesses that use the multi-use path. They'll stake signs every few yards overhanging the paved and gravel paths. And after the events they don't clean up all their mess. Often they'll just discard the metal wire stakes along the grass -- those things are about like wire coat hangers, almost invisible until you're on top of them. Pisses me off. I've snapped photos and posted to the offending event Facebook pages, but nobody ever responds. Occasionally I've stopped to move their signs farther from the path but still visible. It shouldn't be necessary.

Another reason I avoid hugging the curb or using the laughably named "bike lanes". That's where most debris ends up, including bits of wire off construction crew trucks, sign stakes, fallen branches after storms, etc. That stuff is much more dangerous than flat tires from broken glass and other debris along the road edges.
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