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Originally Posted by Andrew R Stewart View Post
So far every tubeless tire I have dealt with can (and often does) have a tube in it. This the usual fix for on the ride flats that don't seal.

BTW tubeless tire design isn't only about the casing's air tightness. Much greater control of the tire bead's size, shape and placement is done then with standard tube type tires. Andy
Regarding the tubeless bead: One problem I've had with tubeless tires is that sometimes the bead can get stuck in the rim so tight that it's nearly impossible to break it. This is a big problem if you're running tubes because if you get a flat on the road you may find it impossible to get the tube out. It might be impossible anyway if you can't get the bead over the rim, but if the bead is stuck you won't even make it to the second hurdle, and at least in the second case you have tire levers to help you. This can happen when running tubeless too, but at least in that case you have sealant so there's a chance the tire can seal itself and get you home.

I'm not suggesting that this proves tubeless is better or anything like that (I've had mixed luck with tubeless myself, and that's being generous), just that it's something to be aware of if you're using a tubeless-ready tire on a tubeless-ready rim, but running them with a tube. It's a bit of a worst-of-both-worlds situation. I would break the bead periodically even if the tire isn't giving you any trouble, just to keep it loose. I have other tire/rim combos that unseat themselves anyway as the pressure goes to zero (which is great if you have tubes, but sucks if running tubeless).

TL;DR, it's still better to use regular non-tubeless (tubeful? ) tires if you're sure you'll always use tubes.

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