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Originally Posted by alcjphil View Post
This reinforces my premise that wheels that require tape to install road tubeless tires are a waste of time. I have been using Campagnolo Shamal 2way fit wheels for as long as they have been available. No rim tape, tires mount easily and seal up often only using my regular pump. No muss, very little fuss. These wheels are specifically designed for road tubeless tires. I cannot imagine riding road tubeless tires with wheels that would require that they be taped for tubeless use. Any "tubeless ready" wheel that requires tape isn't tubeless ready
Meh, this is overstated. I have HED Belgium+ Rims, which I had built up for reasons other being tubeless ready, and they are excellent rims that make an excellent wheel. I have run them with tubes, and for the past two years tubeless. Taping them isnít any harder than taping any other standard rim, so in other words not hard, and they seal up fine.Their main debit is that it does take a good blast from my air canister to get them to seal up but otherwise not much by way of fuss.
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