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Originally Posted by Drillium Dude View Post
I sold this a few years ago:

The buyer claimed he wanted a vintage bike that he could ride around Seattle's bike trails. Found out a couple days later he'd stripped it completely and was selling it piece by piece on Ebay. Note the way all the components were detailed to match the frame color. This was a solid whole which this azz turned into an orphan IMHO. Oh, well. I didn't ride it a whole lot anyway (it was a bit of a wet noodle at the BB), and he only made a couple hundred over what I got from him. C'est la vie.

An interesting postscript to this story: not a year later I visited the Seattle Bike Swap at the Convention Center with the intention of selling the Sparrow. I was waiting in line to register it for the For Sale bike corral. The very same dude came up and asked how much I was asking for it; when I realized who it was I told him I wouldn't sell to him regardless of price because I didn't want to see another of my carefully-built bikes parted out for profit. He walked away without saying a word.

I guess this is why I said it hurt a little, the buyer told me he was so excited to get it, was gonna take great care of it, the jewel in his collection, etc.
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