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Originally Posted by 02Giant View Post
If you are riding MUP's with the family I wouldn't be concerned with lights, unnecessary unless riding predawn or post dusk. I would have helmets for the kids at a minimum, water bottles, patch kit and necessary tools for wheel/tire removal, and tire pump.
+1 this. This will get you out the door with less of a dent in the wallet. Bikes too, if you don't have them yet. 😄

When you think about it, what do you need with you to be safe, and to limp home if you have a problem. You can carry tools in a backpack, fanny pack, or whatever. I'd make sure to have an 5mm and 6mm Allen wrench too, or whatever sizes are most common on the bikes. Maybe a cable lock so you can park the bikes somewhere convenient for a short stop. They only really prevent the most opportunistic of theft, so if you'll have longer stops, get D locks.

Bicycles are hard to see in shadow, if you'll be riding in the street you'll want lights, but they don't need to be fancy. I like clip on front and rear for "see me" visibility. It's hard to go wrong with the choices stocked by the lbs and sports stores, just look for side visibility too.

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