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Must have gear for new cycling family
Originally Posted by isuhunter View Post
What do you guys suggest as must have gear? Our family is getting into riding and want to be prepared for single person or family rides.

Are insulated water bottle worth the money? What do you suggest for brand/style?
Originally Posted by isuhunter View Post
Any specific pumps you recommend? I’d like a floor and on bike pump.

Originally Posted by isuhunter View Post
Light recommendations ?
Originally Posted by _ForceD_ View Post
Maybe some sort of fitness/mapping cell phone tracking app on everyone’s phone.
Originally Posted by isuhunter View Post
Thats a good idea! That would make mom excited to see the progress.
Originally Posted by isuhunter View Post
Oh man yes! I love me some rocky road!

Root river bike trail in Minnesota always had some great ice cream stops growing up.
I note that in the Opening Post, and all subsequent replies, @isuhunter does not further describe his family, in particular the ages of children, and most of his posts concern such superfluous items such as water bottles, cell phone, and ice cream. The only safety item considered are lights, and I would look askance at taking children out for a ride on the roads at night (though lights at any time of day are good idea).

In any case, on all such lists I recommend a rear view mirror. I think that's crucial for cycling on the road, especially if you also have to keep other cyclists in tow.

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
I use both left and right rearview mirrors, in my case Take-a-Look eyeglass mounted ones. I got the idea from a cycling companion who used only a right hand mirror. The additional right hand mirror affords a pretty good rearward view, but is particularly useful:...

This past weekend I rode with a companion on a low-riding recumbent three-wheel trike. I just deflected my right-hand mirror slightly downwards so I didn’t have to crane my neck upwards to see him. The left-hand mirror was still in place to monitor reaward traffic.

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