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I'd vote for hos13...but he already ended the thread.

Assuming he is a he and not a she. Not that there is anything wrong with being a he, but he could be a she. Assuming that he is already a he and not implying that he is a she least I offend him, or her, but rather just the possibility that he could be a she. Now that's not to say that I ALWAYS assume that a poster is a he rather than a she, as I'm sure there are a fair number of she's that post as this is a non-gender biased forum. However, statistically this forum is most likely he's. Of course this is an assumption on my part considring my experience in the cycling world which is comprised mostly of he's. Not that she's cannot ride as good as a he, on the contrary a she can ride every bit as good as a he, but there seems to be more he's and she's in cycling, so I am just assuming that is the case on this forum. I would love to have more she's, and that is not to say that I am some kind of pervert, homophobic or insecure about my manlyness, but rather a nice balance of both would be acceptable. Of course that is not to say that if there ARE more she's than he's that I would demand more he's, not at all, I'd be fine with more she's than he's, if that was the case. I can't believe you read all this.

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