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Originally Posted by Henry III View Post
I can't believe the movie and the book have the same title. I have the movie and watched it like two billion times. Now after reading the book which is written by Graeme Obree. I have a hard time watching the movie. Nothing even matches up with the book besides there's a guy named Graeme who rides a bike made by himself and breaks the hour record. Besides that the director must of been just the given the cliff notes and only read the cover page. Barely anything matches up and Malky doesn't even exist in the book. Cripes he's one of the main people in the movie.

I realize a lot of movies deviate from the books but this one is beyond that. It's like two completely different stories.

I'm surprised nobody said "Klunkerz". I also like "Rising from the Ashes".

Sounds typical for book to film. In Starship Troopers Johnny Rico is Filipino. It is a major point of the book. He is a blond haired blue eyed Aryan in the film. In the book his father is alive and his first Sgt once Johnny makes Lt. His Friend Carl is dead. In the Film Carl is a major character at the end and Johnny's father is dead. And he is never more than a grunt. Come to think of it the change in attitude of his father and their reconciliation is also a major part of the book.

In 'The Last of the Mohicans' in the book Hawkeye and Chingachgook are about the same age, having gone on hte warpath together the very first time together in "The Deerslayer". In the Film Chingachgook refers to Hawkeye as his white son. In the film Hawkeye's sedition is a major factor. It never happens in the book, nor does his romance.

And best of all in the films portray Alice as a shrinking violet a fascination to Uncas for that reason, and in the first film as blonder than blond. In the Book she is half black and very self sufficient, which Uncas values.

Oh and in the film General Munro is killed. In the book and in real life he is not. That is a bit unusual, films defying both the book they are based on and history!
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