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Originally Posted by BillyD View Post
Oh noes, may be time for another cleansing.
As I have said in a recent thread:

The 41 is a wide, deep and fertile pond for Trolling. Unfortunately the 41-pond is overstocked with an inedible invasive species, the Sock Puppet.

What little "hostility" I see here might just come from members getting fed up with the incessant Troll presence in the 41.
I know that part of the thankless efforts of the Mods goes to removing Socks from the pond as they are sure that they are not banning members with an "unusual or didactic" viewpoint by mistake.
That being said Mods, by all means "cleanse" away, but it's the Trolls not the riled BF members that are the source of "hostility": Ban the Socks.
And for (edit) myself, if something smells Trollish just click-away, don't feed the Trolls and/or hit that handy "Ignore" button.


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