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Originally Posted by noodle soup View Post
Iím not seeing anyone get bent out of shape here.

The OP made some ridiculous claims, on his first post here. Classic sock-puppet behavior.

Most actual newbs to the forum, ease their way into things.
I totally agree, but itís not a bannable offense. And thereís still the possibility heís genuine, albeit a bit snarky.

My thing is, sooner or later heíll cross the line and weíll catch up to him. You guys do a fairly good job reporting offenses so his clock is ticking. Most trolls for attention canít get enough, so itís just a matter of time.

But letís face it, you guys (not you, of course) feed the trolls all the time, itís irresistible. Cause itís fun and different. So long as they provide good material you guys will flock to it, no harm no foul.

Its the the guys who get nasty for no reason, thatís who riles me. An intriguing troll . . . meh.
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