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Yes, the pre 2014 Campy Ergo LH shifters works well for triples and with many trim points. I've used a number of pre and post indexing front ders with mine. The SunTours with the very strong parallelogram return springs can test the lever's G springs holding power. otherwise there's no problems.

One other possibility to retain your DA LH unit is to find a triple adaptor and run a DA DT cable stop with it's "wing" for trimming. The adaptor was a device, working much like old caliper QRs, that attached to the lever's cable port and has a tiny peg that when turned moved the cable an amount equal to the double's shift needs. So one could run the adaptor played out and have the granny and middle shift via the lever or played in and used the lever for the middle big shift. I forget who made them. Moot point perhaps as finding one will be hard. The DA DT cable stops have a rear side trim feature but can be mounted on the LH side also. Andy
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