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Originally Posted by BCDrums View Post
I am wondering if I can use a recent Campy ergo lever on the left to shift a Shimano CX70 front derailler on a triple setup. I am not interested in a Shimano STI for the front because I'd like to be able to trim the shift a bit, and I have been told that the Campy lever has multiple clicks and is more akin to a friction lever.

Is there anything I should be aware of? Thanks.
G-spring levers will shift anything, using 6-7 of 12 clicks for Campagnolo triple derailleurs leaving more for Devinci and Mountain Tamer quads.

Those have the original pointy-hood shape or second rounded hood shape, noting 2005 Xenon and 2007-2008 Veloce and below were "escape" that didn't work like that,

The down side is they need periodic spring and carrier replacement, and small parts except for G-springs/left carriers have been discontinued for the pointy hood 1997 and older levers..

2009-2014 Ultrashift levers have 6 (or 7?) positions using all the travel for Campagnolo triple derailleurs; so a longer arm could cause problems. 2009 Veloce and Centaur 10 speed right levers have weak detents. In 2011 Veloce/Centaur 10 and Athena 11they switched to PowerShift which is Escape risen from the dead.

The down side is you need to buy replacement shift mechanisms ($80-$100 for all but hood, brake blade, and mounting hardware) when you wear them out instead of replacing small parts.

I'm running 2010 Centaur Carbon ultrashift 10 speed shifters with 2006 Record Titanium triple derailleurs. I upgraded to NOS levers and used other parts in 2012. For spares I grabbed a spare set of 2010 Veloce levers for about the cost of the included hoods + cable sets, then added a set of NOS 2014 Chorus levers after the 2015 design change.

I also have spare front and rear triple derailleurs.

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