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Originally Posted by Drew Eckhardt View Post
G-spring levers will shift anything, using 6-7 of 12 clicks for Campagnolo triple derailleurs leaving more for Devinci and Mountain Tamer quads.

Those have the original pointy-hood shape or second rounded hood shape, noting 2005 Xenon and 2007-2008 Veloce and below were "escape" that didn't work like that,

The down side is they need periodic spring and carrier replacement, and small parts except for G-springs/left carriers have been discontinued for the pointy hood 1997 and older levers.
So, G-spring levers ended in 2008? I see that the springs and carrier are available.

2009-2014 Ultrashift levers have 6 (or 7?) positions using all the travel for Campagnolo triple derailleurs; so a longer arm could cause problems.
What is the longer arm?

The down side is you need to buy replacement shift mechanisms ($80-$100 for all but hood, brake blade, and mounting hardware) when you wear them out instead of replacing small parts.
How often do the 2009-2014 levers wear out?

I'm running 2010 Centaur Carbon ultrashift 10 speed shifters with 2006 Record Titanium triple derailleurs. I upgraded to NOS levers and used other parts in 2014. For spares I grabbed a spare set of 2010 Veloce levers for about the cost of the included hoods + cable sets, then added a set of NOS 2014 Chorus levers after the 2015 design change.

I also have spare front and rear triple derailleurs.
Wow. You know your Campy.

So to make it easy for me, I should look for which years/models? And avoid which years/models? Thanks.
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