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Originally Posted by Miele Man View Post
Riding on a genuine sidewalk as opposed to a paved mup can be quite dangerous o the bicyclist. That's because parked cars between the bicyclist and the traffic lane(s) can hide the bicyclist from the view of any motor vehicle driver turning into a driveway of any sort. Also, most drivers when looking for traffic on a sidewalk are looking for SLOW MOVING pedestrians not a faster moving bicyclist. Plus, a motorist glancing at the sidewalk looking for PEDESTRIANS often will not accurately judge a bicyclist's speed if the motorist even realizes it's a bicyclist and not a pedestrian. Then there's the problem that many sidewalk bicyclists encounter at intersections of streets where both the bicyclist and the motorists have very poor sight-lines to see each other. When riding on a sidewalk it's highly recommended that the bicyclist DISMOUNT and WALK across the intersection. In most areas if a bicyclist on a bicycle hits a pedestrian with the bicycle it's considered to be a vehicle/pedestrian collision and is supposed to be reported to police as such. Another thing to consider is that many pedestrians upon leaving a store or otherwise moving across a sidewalk is NOT expecting a bicycle to be on the sidewalk and therefore said pedestrian is quite likely to step right into the path of the bicyclist.

Nice generalization. See any parked cars in the picture I posted? No. So that condition and rule doesn't apply everywhere.

Maybe in a downtown core (which I have mentioned as NOT a good place to ride sidewalks)... but this condition does not exist everywhere. So why act like it does?
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