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Originally Posted by genec View Post
Sidepath on one side, sidewalks on the other.

Hey, got news for you... driveways are dangerous when you ride in the street too. Don't think taking a lane makes YOU more visible to drivers... they are not looking for you.

Sure, you might see a driver pulling out a touch better... if you detect the sound or exhaust while you also watch your mirror.

I got that--the paths look like something I'd ride on, the sidewalks definitely not. And I am absolutely safer from driveways in the streets as I can say from about 50 years of riding experience because I have more reaction time before the miscreant driver could actually hit me. It's usually not a I need to see them in a mirror situation, it's the backing out without looking right towards my side situation--I need time to swerve out of the way. Plus, there are frequently shrubs and the like on the side of driveways that end at the sidewalk.

I'm generally cruising around at 20+ mph, so sidewalks would generally be a really poor default choice for me. I could ride like that happily on that side path. Really very different.
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