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Originally Posted by genec View Post
OK, for so so long so many here have declared this as a No No. Well folks... I think your reasoning is full of poop. ("motorists won't look for you on the sidewalk") Got news for you... motorists won't look for you ANYWHERE. Oh they might see you out in traffic, in front of them, but there is NO guarantee, NO 100% sure way to know that you actually register as "something" to their feeble minds.
Spare me your Aristotle-like thinking. Riding on the sidewalk is dangerous. As is, riding on the road.

But, Riding on the sidewalk while crossing a business entrance/exit. Is a definite invitation to a pine box and six feet under. WHY, Because if a vehicle suddenly approaches. You only have the width of the sidewalk. To get out of the way. On the road, a travel lane can be as much as, three times the width of the sidewalk. So you have a lot more room to avoid a collision. Without even leaving the travel lane.
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