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Originally Posted by genec View Post
He found the one car, parked off the road, near a sidepath, with a door open... thus a Door Zone Side Walk.

Of course since one is not busy staring at a mirror, it is quite easy to observe the car and door up ahead.

Of course if one were riding on the street, and encountered a Door Zone, and was flung out into the car or bus behind you... you'd be dead. In a DZSW you get flung onto an empty sidewalk or grass area.

Thanks mr bill for showing the other advantage of encountering the errant motorist on a sidepath vice busy street.
You keep lumping in paths with sidewalks, which is absurd, and is basically a strawman argument. I said above I wouldn't ride that sidewalk on a bet, and I would definitely be safer riding on that street. The path on the other side looks wonderful, and I would take that over the street, but that's a totally different calculation.

Here's another view of that sidewalk:!2e0

If you ride on that sidewalk and feel safer than on the street, I don't think much of your ability to calculate probabilities.
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