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Originally Posted by sbxx1985 View Post
On Wednesday, I was in a meeting with a client around 5:00 p.m. and we hear tires squeal and a smash. He and I look down and it looks like a car turned in front of a cyclist coming down the hill. We can only see her legs because a tree is in the way. Front wheel of her carbon Trek (like Vol's, post Postal pre aero) is mangled to hell. She's not moving.

We try to continue our appt but I have that terrible feeling. I look down again and you can see blood coming from her leg, probably where it hit the car. Still not moving. She has no show socks and cycling shoes, so I'm hopeful she was wearing a helmet. AMR takes her away and the older couple driving the car sit with the police below my office.

Yesterday a cyclist that was hit by a van from behind a few miles from my house tweeted he was able to sit up for the first time since the accident on July 20th. Van driver left him broken in the rain until someone found him and drove him down the road to the hospital.

Before bed last night, I watched the body cam footage released by the Colorado Springs Police Department. Young kid shot in the back four times while running away. He goes to the ground, tries to raise his hands as instructed, and then bleeds out. Had a hard time sleeping last night.

I was going to ride in this morning and drove instead. On my way in, I thought of Addiction. Hope you guys are doing well and no one has been hit by cars or fallen off ladders in the last year.
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Amateur bike racing is just a fun thing, as far as I know, there's no penalty for not winning.
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