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Originally Posted by ksryder View Post
Any Gen-Xers in here? I'm going to see the Violent Femmes tonight. Haven't been to a concert in ages. Hope we don't get rained out.

They were my favorite group as a kid. One year my cool older sister was going to take me to see them for my birthday but then my parents found out and wouldn't let me go. So 30 years later I'm getting my redemption!

(Also I fall into that weird gap between gen-x and millenial but I had older sisters so I've always identified with gen-x even though college had become unaffordable by the time I went to school.)
Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
Sounds like fun! Their debut album is a favorite - obvious standout are obvious, but a solid listen, front to back.
Originally Posted by datlas View Post
I remember they came and played at my college during my freshman year, 1983. It was a free concert, but I was too uptight/stressed out to go.

Big mistake.

I was born in 1965, so too young to be a baby boomer and too old to be a Gen X. Sad.
Report: concert lived up to 25 years of expectations. I guess when you've been playing together for nearly 40 years you get good at it. They played Country Death Song, which was cool.

They were co headlining with Ben Folds, who I am ambivalent about, but his show was also very entertaining and enjoyable.
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