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Originally Posted by jideta View Post
Big and fat.
First things that came to mind.
Not like the HEDs. More on this later.
Makes your tires sort of like low profiles. Spesh 26mm Turbo Cottons measure out to about 27mm, not much gain, but compared to the 28s, you lose a bunch of sidewall.
Not sure if I'm gonna ride em yet as I got the wrong free hub; I can always change the derailleur but I'm feeling kinda lazy.
Can't really tell the difference between the HPlusSon on the rear despite being 7mm wider.
The bad.
On both rims, there is a humungous bump on the sidewall where I believe the weld is. Well, huge in wheel truing scale. Upon closer inspection, you can see the 'bump' on the inside also as it's actually a rise in the sidewall.
Trued the wheel vertically best I can, but there's still that little hump that I think if I were to adjust out, I'm would be actually flattening that part of the rim.
Okay, one rim I can see. But both?
Out of Kinlin, Alex, HSonPlus and HED, by far the worst finish on the seam. I may be nitpicking but these are one of the most expensive alloy rims out there.
I don't think it will affect the ride. When I first saw it I did worry about pulses when braking but I think it will be okay.
To the Robert fellow, get the R90sl or HEDs instead.
Unless you really want big and fat.
Pics tomorrow.
Bum batches of rims happen. Just ask Psimet, not normal. you already built them up, otherwise I'd suggest exchanging them.
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