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out of sight out of mind

I wasn't expecting anything huge out of these wheels.
Took them out tonight for a couple of miles just to see what's what.
I put ten miles or so on the Archetypes on Sunday and they were nice. Okay, REALLY nice.
Tonight was nothing more, nothing less. Oh and I'm running 28mm tires which just cleared my rear seat stays.
I think if you are coming off decent wheels, new decent wheels aren't going to be much different. Unless they are like bad decent wheels.
If you know what I mean.
I pretty much got what I wanted which were deeper profile wheels.
Just wish they never came with the extra baggage.

Tires and tubes baby. I believe in the latex gods.
Want a nice cushy ride?
Those Turbo Cottons are on another planet compared to GP4000siis; add the latex and a wide rim and you too will become a believer.
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