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Originally Posted by ridingfool View Post
How do u take the tire off without a tire lever never use them to put a tire on .But off is another matter always use one.
Using your thumbs, push the bead off the bead seat and into the center channel of the rim. Turn the rim around and do the same to the other side. During the remainder of this process, be sure to keep the bead in the center channel. The circumference of
the tire bead is larger than that of the center channel
of the rim, and the difference will be the room you have to work with. Beginning at the valve stem, pull the beads deep into the channel, so all of the excess space is on top. Imagine two concentric circles with uniform distance between them......then, pull the outside circle up until the two touch at the bottom . What youíll have is a much greater distance between them at 180 degrees from that contact point. This, in my experience, has been plenty of room to use the heel of your hand to roll the bead (one side or both, if you want to remove the tire entirely) over the edge of the rim. Remember: at all times during the process, check to maintain that the beads are seated in that center channel. To reinstall the tire, reverse the steps, being sure to start 180 degrees from the valve stem.
Iíve been riding, racing, and wrenching bikes for over 30 years and Iíve not used a tire lever in over the last 25 of those, even with road tubeless tires which have a shallower center channel. Itís faster, safer, and requires fewer tools to carry. Practice, follow the steps. Good luck.
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