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Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
It seems like the first cold ride each fall leaves me thinking, "why am I doing this? This is dumb." Then I let one or two riding opportunities pass, because of the chill. Then I get cranky at being cooped up. Finally, I'll bundle up and venture out again... and it's not so bad. Somewhat enjoyable, even.

...and then, in MN, it gets really cold and I get on the trainer like any sensible person should.
This was just a 4 mi commute!

I wish I could ride to work on the trainer, but anything is preferable to driving. Aside from the overall suck, the drive home with my hands elevated on a cold steering wheel seems to trigger my Raynaud's like nothing else. I bought electric gloves just for that, last winter, but they only helped a little. My hands will go numb from cold while I'm riding, but Raynauds is more aversive and take longer to go away.

I seem to be able to do the commute down to the single digits, which is about all we get around here. I will only do workouts when it's above 25 F and not blowing too hard.
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