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Originally Posted by Drew Eckhardt View Post
You're trying to solve a rider problem with equipment which will come at the expense of a lower gear for climbing or tighter spacing in the middle.

Eddy Merckx dominated the pro peloton with a 52x13 big gear, and you're no Eddy.

Learn to pedal faster.

On flat ground 52x14 is a 40 MPH sprinting gear requiring 1200 Watts and 30 MPH cruising gear at 500 Watts. 500W is more than Lance Armstrong could manage for 45 minutes with outlier genetics and the best doping program in cycling.

Down hill you'll be faster tucking.

I'll accept the fact that it's a rider problem, but one that can be made simpler or solved with the right equipment and for me that is going to be taller gearing. I get a breathing rhythm going with my cadence and when I speed up my cadence it throws my breathing off and before I know it I'm boinking. Or is it Bonking? Ones a good thing and one is not so good...
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