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Originally Posted by Bigbus View Post
Here's the culprit. 14/16/18/21/24/28. It's all held on the freehub with a threaded lock ring. The smallest gear (14T) has a built in spacer that snugs against the lock ring. Thanks to Bill's informational link, it appears this is one of the first hyperglide setups from the late 80's. ...I have a 13T that will fit it and I'm going to try that when I get back after the holidays. Hopefully it's the answer I'm looking for. Thanks for everyone's help and great information.
...if you already have that Hyperglide freehub on your wheel, I'm pretty sure you can just buy a current Hyperglide cluster in the 7 cog version made by somebody like Sunrace that will both be all new cogs and have something on the order of a 12 or an 11 smallest cog in the set. The only thing that might be an issue is the width of the freehub, but if that's a 126 spaced rear wheel, the 7 speed cog sets should fit. Shimano also still makes and sells 7 speed cassettes.

It's been a while since I worked on one of those, which is why I'd advise measuring the width of the freehub body before you spend money on a cassette. If the set is too wide by one cog width, you can still use it by leaving off the smallest cog, but since that's the one you want, it seems pointless to do that.
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