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Originally Posted by 3alarmer View Post
...if you already have that Hyperglide freehub on your wheel, I'm pretty sure you can just buy a current Hyperglide cluster in the 7 cog version made by somebody like Sunracethat will both be all new cogs and have something on the order of a 12 or an 11 smallest cog in the set.
Do we have photos of the original hub/cluster?

I think those look like they came off of a freewheel rather than a freehub.

I am a little puzzled that frequently the freewheels have a progressive size of inner shoulders for the sprockets to mount on. Nonetheless, looking at the size of the 14T, I find it doubtful that an 11/12T sprocket will fit on that same freewheel.

And, since freewheels weren't fully standardized, it can be hit and miss whether parts will interchange between different freewheels. Generally not with cassettes.

I think at least one users on this board does frequently rebuild them.

While "Hyperglide" typically applies to cassettes, I think it can be applied to an indexed shifting technology as applied to freehubs too.
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