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I'm still wearing out my 2nd Blowfish. Camelbak doesn't seem to make it any more. They make two, MULE and HAWG, that are about the same volume as the Blowfish before and after the expansion. They do make a couple of bigger ones. They also make bike specific versions that have longer straps and carry the pack lower. That said, the raison d'Ítre of a Camelbak is carrying water. The 3L bladder in the pack takes up a lot of it when loaded. Do you need to do that? Right now, I don't. My commute is short and I keep the tank empty. I keep it in there anyhow because I don't use it just for commuting.

For traveling I have a gigantic complicated bag supplied by my employer with my laptop and I hate it all the time, not just when cycling. It's overcomplicated and floppy. I see people traveling with NF bags that are just a little larger than a bookbag, and envy them.

Is the laptop daily or weekend? If your bike has a rack you could add a pannier that you only carry once a week, that time you need it, and limit it to your extra stuff.
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