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Originally Posted by Wogster View Post
You have to realise that when you move from a 23@120PSI, to a 25@110PSI, that a 28 can be run at 95PSI and that is where the comfort comes in, running a little lower pressure that allows for more shock absorbing by the tires. The flats are not the fault of the tire size, but probably just running a weaker tire. Gatorskins are available in 28s as well.
I've been running the 28s at 110. Before I swap them out, I'll take your advice and go a little lower for a few rides. I can use the Gatorskins somewhere...eventually.

The first flat was my own fault. I was being a 'good citizen' and instead of running the red light, (out in the desert away from any traffic to speak of), I had to "waddle" over to push the pedestrian crosswalk button. Picked up a sticker in the brush around the light pole with the button.

Second flat I picked up in an intersection in the middle of the boonies, (again, in the desert away from anything). It was a wire. Just a single strand from braided wire. The LBS shop guy said I picked up a steel belt thread from a car tire. (Note to self . . . put some small tweezers in my seat bag with the spare tube and tire irons.)

Stuff like this happens. I've been pretty lucky until this past few weeks. The Gatorskins are supposed to have a kevlar belt on the tread that helps guard against stuff like this. The 28s are Bontrager Hard Case tires. I've had good luck with Hard Case 25s. They are pretty tough.
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