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My wife rode across the U.S. using only a set of Ortlieb front pann0iers on her bike's rear rack. She carried her sleeping bag and Thermarest on top the rear rack. Probably 25 lbs. gear weight.

She has started using regular Ortlieb rear panniers and her camping gear is still on top the rack. Her gear weight has gone up to about 30-35 lbs. for longer tours. Go figure. She does not have any bike handling issues due to weight distribution. I was riding behind her on the tour we are presently on and started backing off when she approached 40 mph.

Both of our daughters use Ortlieb Classic Backrollers on their rear racks along with an Ortlieb Rackpack without any problems. I'm afraid to ask how much weight they are carrying. It is amazing to see what they pull out of their bags, like a bottle of wine! However, they both ride Surly Long Haul Truckers, which are very stable bikes
We usually carry a couple of freeze dried dinners for "emergencies". We usually end up using them because we misjudged or were too lazy to ride a few miles out of our way to resupply.

I'd recommend a set of smaller panniers on the rear rack for your wife.

If you wife's bike does not have a good low gear, 17 gear inches, I'd also recommend setting the bike up with as low of gearing as possible. Make it work for her, and you might end up with a life-long touring partner

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