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Originally Posted by TheKillerPenguin View Post
I kinda wish you still had to collect em in a rolling 12 month period too. I am a glutton for punishment.
Nobody's stopping you from doing that. =]

@Ygduf & I are old enough to remember that rule, and for the record upgraded to 1 during its reign. Hell I got like 50 points in less than six months.

Some of the crits I won/placed in were 2/3's crits. Someone once said I got to 1 "the easy way" - what's funny is they were in some of the same "easy" races, trying to do it the "easy way," and still couldn't get it done. They're still a 2.

But none of us new-age 1's are as hardcore as the olden days, when there were only like 200 1's in the US, and you had to keep getting points to stay a 1. Uphill both ways no less!

At the end of the day, I don't actually care that much about how someone gets to cat 1, even if it does dilute the awesomeness of being a 1. If they sucked on the way to their cat 1 upgrade, they'll continue to suck in races. All that matters is who wins & gets in the money. (to cat 1's)
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