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Gear Acquisition Syndrome - Anyone Catching it?

In photography there's a term called GAS. Stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Happens when photographers see a new lens/light/stop/whatever and just keep buying and buying. Either because they think the new item will make them a better photographer, or because it's fun to spend money. Anyway...

This started me thinking. Is there such a thing in cycling? Maybe not buying a new bike all the time, but constantly upgrading to new bibs, new helmet, new gloves, etc.

I sometimes find myself falling in to the that trap on here. Cruising the forums I see new bike swag and think how great it would be to have X, Y, or Z item. That's not to say I end up pulling the trigger on many of the items here, but it certainly is tempting sometimes to get in a constant state of new gear.
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