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I thought that it was a video. You know, there were images, moving images you'd call them. Maybe some people would call it like a small film. It seems like these days there are a lot of words for those things. On youtube as well, which is on the web. Videos on the web can be good and they can be bad. So this post is really just to talk about your video on the web. You made it, and I watched it. Maybe a video is the wrong word, because it's more of a discussion. The audio is a large part of videos and that's something some old timers can forget. Really the video could have been anything. You've got some nice glasses, a helmet, a little cap. Some kind of back pack. But it's the discussion and the content that's really more important. So i'd like to talk about that and in talking about that we'll get to how i felt about it and my opinion, which is just only my opinion after all based on watching the video, but also based on the subject. And it is an interesting subject, or rather, maybe not interesting but something which I would like to hear about others thoughts and also offer my own based on my experiences. Yep. Maybe I won't get to the video in this post but just say that I did watch it and it was a video and I hope you all had a good time reading this post and please share your thoughts on the post and how you like to post.
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