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Originally Posted by Andrew R Stewart View Post
I bit and besides the very distracting nature of the image (I think he's riding a bike but could be a camel for that matter) understood all his points. Agreed with a few, don't care to ever mention a few more.

One of my gripes is when paid professionals use the work "toss" instead of install. I'm a full believer in the Barnett view that pro mechanics don't throw parts at their customers' bikes. Even when done rightfully so (as in anger) the part doesn't know enough to stay attached and then align/adjust it's self correctly If we want to feel respected and worth the labor rates we fight to raise we need to also talk professionally. To say "I'll toss that BB onto your bike" sounds like Trump talking, all show and little thought. Andy
Yes, I agree with the "toss" point 100%
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