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Some of the world's best public speakers, that's all they can do is talk. And generally, the people who are the best at doing things well, are not so good at explaining them. "Getting the desired result" is just a gift they have.

EXAMPLE: Many of the riders who win the Tour de France (or other high profile sporting events) are so inarticulate about how they got the win, you almost question whether they were really there. Yet they still accomplished the feat, somehow.

IMO, how well a person speaks has almost no relation to how good they are at getting results, in fact, I would go so far as to say that the more charismatic, polished, and articulate a speaker is, the smaller the chances are that they really know their subject well. They're just "good talkers" by nature. So I would not put much weight on a person's delivery, with regard to whether or not they are knowledgeable.
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