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Originally Posted by Lemond1985 View Post
Some of the world's best public speakers, that's all they can do is talk. And generally, the people who are the best at doing things well, are not so good at explaining them. "Getting the desired result" is just a gift they have.

EXAMPLE: Many of the riders who win the Tour de France (or other high profile sporting events) are so inarticulate about how they got the win, you almost question whether they were really there. Yet they still accomplished the feat, somehow.
Excellent point. That's why many of the most accomplished athletes make poor coaches. They can do amazing feats but don't understand exactly how they do it and can't explain it to others. The old somewhat cynical quote; "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach", has some merit. Good coaches often can't do what they understand but can explain the techniques to others with the needed talent.

Apparently they learned it from broadcast TV: talking heads reading short sentences, narrowband content in a broadband medium. They don't have much to say but they want you looking at their faces.

Another good point quite likely explained by the fact they have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of air time to fill and have a dozen or more competing channels with the same problem. Look good and cater to very short attention spans. You have to keep the viewer numbers up because that's how advertising revenue is generated.
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