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Originally Posted by Ramona_W View Post
And, finally, I was listening to a podcast called "Twenty Thousand Hertz" and they were talking about digital compression and the first song on the first Black Sabbath album and I realized I had never listened to that album or much Black Sabbath at all. So, now I have heard that and enjoyed it and am looking for recommendations. LoP says "Master of Reality", which is also Black Sabbath, but I'm completely open to other groups as well. Something to listen to while I'm sitting on the floor in a semi-darkened room -because most rooms are like that in houses in Phoenix- doing my homework.

(See how I posted multiple times instead of writing a novel? I'm learning...)
Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon. Trippy. Kudos on all the lifetime learning. You probably feel foolish doing that instead of arguing the finer points of miscellaneous stupid topics.
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