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Originally Posted by cooker View Post
I had to dig to find the source report, and TIME has kind of overblown the issue. The proportion of millenials living at home has gone from 24% to 26% since 2007, so 3/4 of them don't live at home. What it would be interesting to know, is how the parental location figures in. For example is one reason for living at home that the parents live closer to downtown than the kid can afford? In my daughter's case that might be one reason. She had a room-mate lined up but they wanted a more suburban location for lower rent, and so they decided not to share.
Huff post had the number at 36 percent have moved home and aren't buying homes either. So now that they have merged the burbs into the Urban basket it is easy to say the Millennials are more urban. Still it is pretty much accepted by many reporting sources including the BBC. A third of US millennials still live at home, census report finds - BBC News

I do wonder how they will do once they get back into a full employment society? But if a third are moving home, be that the burbs or the city, it isn't a property growth spurt making the city bigger.
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