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Sand/cut out the rot, put on new, wait to cure. I can see why you sand out so far. While you're teasing the fabric and resin onto the part it's not a super tidy affair. This repair will be solid, I did a patch on the spot and 3x wrap around. However, I think the edges on this one will be a bit uglier than my other repair job I've done. That job got painted anyway.

This is a fun project given the low investment. When you've dumped thousands into a brand new bike you feel really apprehensive messing with things too much. This thing? Nope. Of course I'm not going to get all ham fisted with it.

I'm probably going to get a Wheelbuilder disc cover for my spare wheels and a Superteam tri-spoke on the front. Yes, a superteam. It's a budget build. If I can find a 10 speed rear disc cheap I'll do that instead of the cover.

Next task is fabbing up attaching my skis/pads to the HED base bar. Can't decide if I want to fab a bracket or just drill the base bar. The bar is huge, and solid. It is not hollow, it's a pretty heavy hunk of carbon for what it is. There "may" be room beside the stem for the original clip on clamps, but I'd have to maybe shave a tiny bit from the clamps to fit them.

I'll likely try that first as it is less destructive.


Cut out, mostly:

The stretched electrical tape pressure cure:
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