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@robertorolfo Good job on your first race! Keep at it!

I hung out at about 3rd or 4th wheel the entire race.
A couple of observations: It was slow. No one wanted to lead. There was definite disorganization at the front. They looked at me to lead, and I noped out of that. I was playing it conservatively unless someone jumped. The hardest attack to reel in early was by the guy who won. I got his wheel, but he was strong.

No one in Cat 5 gutters people, it seems. Your lee side advantage goes away as you move up in the categories. If I had been leading on the back stretch, I would have guttered people --- ride right along the cones so there is no protection on the lee side. I wanted to conserve, however, and those lead guys were giving me protection. I was using it, too.

There were two guys who led for most of the race. Neither were in the top 5.

Generally, you don't want to dump a gear. Your first thing to do is increase cadence. Then, eat your handlebars. If cadence is too high here, dump a gear. Then come out of the saddle while eating your handlebars. You really don't want to lose a chain when you go fast, so find the gear that works before getting out of the saddle, for sure.

The whole point of Cat 5 is to get experience. You'll learn a ton of stuff just by racing; but there are also a lot of coaching clinics in the NYC area. If you're in the CRCA, they offer free coaching clinics periodically, and you also get an hour with a coach as a part of your registration.

Also, check out some podcasts. There are a few. I particularly like the trainerroad youtube videos as well --- they break down race videos with local pros and coaches.
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Note to you BLOWHARD MORONS out there: The fork is not bent. Most PEUGEOTS of the '70s forks DID NOT line up with the head tube angle. This is normal. The last pic is from the 1972 Dutch catalog showing this EXACT MODEL in diagram. Keep your comments to yourself......

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